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Empowering the future

Avis Fleet Services continues to add to the growth and development of South Africa as can be seen by their recently awarded Level 2 (125%) B-BBEE status. "Operating in the South African space we place a large focus on ensuring our employment policy includes the employment of historically disadvantaged individuals" explains Human Resources Executive, Candice Watson.

Additionally Avis Fleet Services has in place a specialised Learning and Development Department which focuses on providing training and Learnership opportunities to Avis Fleet Services skilled and unskilled employees. "Our B-BBEE rating is not a mere marketing tool but rather an indication of our commitment to ensuring our business and operations make a difference to the communities in which we operate thereby leaving behind a positive legacy" adds Candice.

Managing Executive: Human Resources Candice Watson plays a key role in ensuring the skills development of Avis Fleet Services employees.

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